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Empowering refugee children through music

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Healing Learning Rejoicing


Nai is about letting children be children again

These children were deprived of a worry-free childhood by the war. Nai is here to heal those wounds, and let these children have fun again. Nai is fun to be part of: singing is fun, playing with friends is fun, and the musical camp and trips are always a blast.  

Watch Nai sang the poignant song "Give us our childhood" that was written more than 30 year ago.

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Nai is the new face of the Humanity in Canada

We are proud to be the newest and youngest face of Canada's tremendous humanitarian effort. We are the walking and singing showcase of "diversity is our strength". 

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Nai is a family-oriented integration program

Nai has a unique focus on promoting the wellbeing of the entire Nai family. Thanks to CultureLink, various settlement programs are provided to Nai parents and siblings for their quicker adaptation  and integration into their new communities. 

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Nai is about reaching out and giving back 

From time to time, Nai performs at community events, government celebrations and citizenship ceremonies as a way of engaging the public and giving back to the community that raised this choir.

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Today’s singers.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

What choral music does for children is much more than just singing. Singing helps children open up and makes it easier for them to learn new languages, skills and build confidence. Singing in a choir lets children learn about teamwork and helps build leadership and other life skills in constant collaboration, negotiation, harmonization and adaptation that are innate to choral activities.

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