Why Nai hosts a March break Camp?

While many Canadian children appreciate a week of free time from school during March Break, children whose families can afford a quality camp or a family getaway usually get a lot more from the break. Sadly, that is not the case with most Nai families. Therefore, Nai views this week as their responsibility to host a March Break camp to create a unique enriching experience for its choristers.  

Fun + Music + Theatre = Nai March Break Camp

Jamal and Bain March 1 2016.jpg

Musical Theatre Camps not only let Nai choristers continue honing their singing skills but also give them a chance to learn dancing, acting, storytelling and even sets-making. The camp includes field trips, and blends in a variety of enjoyable outdoor activities to keep them engaged and well stimulated. It is an incredible opportunity for children to get to connect further with each other and establish a stronger team spirit.

March Break Camp 2018 gave 39 Nai Kids a fun-filling week. Built upon the success of our 2017 Camp, this year we are more organized and have secured even more resources to make it a memorable camp experience for our children. Read about the details of March Break 2018 in our news blog

In March 2017, Nai experimented with its first March Break Musical Theatre camp by putting together an original musical production in one week. Though it was challenging for teachers and facilitators to train children who never had any experience with theatre before in such a short space of time, this proved to be a worthwhile experience for both campers and educators. Campers not only learned about the basic concepts of a musical through acting and dancing, but also learned to build the play's set and contribute to its design through their own stories. Despite being unaccustomed to severe cold weather, they participated in outdoor exercises and activities with high energy. By end of the week, campers were proud to present their 20-minute production to a friendly audience of parents, friends and CultureLink staff members.