39 Newcomer Children had a Blast with Nai March Break Camp


Nai March Break Camp (Mar 12-16) attracted total 39 newcomer children to the high energy and fun-filled one-week music camp. The camp children are from Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia and Pakistan. For the first time, we see such great diversity in our Nai group. Despite the challenges with a wide range in age and abilities in speaking English or Arabic, the camp went smoothly and the children enjoyed it through and through.


On average 28 children attended our camp everyday. Throughout the five days, our facilitator team kept the children fully engaged in fun and educational activities, such as vocal training, drama, percussion and Debque dance workshops, trips to High Park and ROM.  Our Facebook page exploded with amazing pictures and admiring comments. 


Here the Nai Camp's organizing team wants to thank all our dedicated facilitators and educators: Hanna Touma, Naama Ofrath, Rana El Kadi, Monique Schwarz, Alondra Vega, Moe Haiek, Donggyu Kim, Tarek Ghriri, Nour Kaadan for your great work with the children. 

We also are very grateful to our funders Ontario Trillium Foundation, Toronto Pearson International Airport and Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (through our partnership with the IRCC funded CultureLink Youth Centre). 

Nai Camp Organizing Team: Nadeen, Esmaeel and Fei 

Fei Tang