Thank you Norman Allan Middleton Fund for the gift!

CultureLink's Nai Children's Choir received a surprise gift of $10,000 from the Norman Allan Middleton Fund at the Toronto Community Foundation in December 2017.

We are elated by this generous gift and are very grateful to the Middleton family who chose the Nai Children as their fund's beneficiary.

Norman ("Norm") Allen Middleton started his Fund in 1998 in support of youth education and health. He included his Fund in his planned giving, so that his philanthropy could live on after him.

The Norman Allan Middleton Fund donation came at a time when we were experiencing funding gaps. This gift has greatly eased our financial difficulties so that we can focus on the children and continue our various enriching programs around the holiday season and the month of January until the sustainable long-term funding kicks in in February 2018. 

Fei Tang