Nai to set its second choir at the Victoria Village Library (Victoria Park/Lawrence)


CultureLink Nai Children’s Choir is setting up the long-awaited second location in the east of the city. Thanks to CultureLink's long standing partnership with the Toronto Public Library, the new location will be hosted at the Library's Victoria Village Branch (184 Sloane Avenue, Toronto, ON  M4A 2C4). 

Our registration meeting for this location will be on Tuesday March 27, starting from 4:30p.m., our regular rehearsal time at this location is Tuesdays 4:30 to 6:30

The music programs of the choir start from 5 p.m. but children are encouraged to come early to join our Nai Homework Club where they can be helped by experienced volunteer tutors with their homework and school projects. They are also welcome to explore the beautiful library services provided right at the Victoria Village branch. 

All refugee children aged 6 -14 are welcome to join us. Refugee claimants are welcome. We warmly open to children of all ethnicities, but would like to remind the parents that 40% of the choir’s repertoire will be in Arabic.

Please phone or text message us at 647 338 5334 if you have questions. Otherwise, we will meet you at 4:30 on March 27 for registration. Registration will be ongoing at all rehearsals. If the families are unable to come for next Tuesday, they are welcome to visit us and register their children on following Tuesdays.

Note: The Wednesday CultureLink Main Office location still continues, business as usual. Children from west of Don Valley are encouraged to come to the main office location.