RFP - Nai Children's Choir is seeking Conducting and Artistic Advising Service Providers

Request for Proposals (RFP) Application Guidelines

Application Deadline Extended

Independent Contractor Professional Services: Artistic Advising and Choral Conducting for Nai Children’s Choir

Terms: September 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019                                         

Issued: September 9, 2018

Application Deadline: Accepting Applications until the most suitable response is chosen.

Interested parties may respond to the RFP as soon as they are ready. We will start reviewing submissions and interviewing contenders as we receive qualified responses. As well, if needed, we will continue accepting and reviewing applications until a contract is sealed satisfactorily.

The application guidelines comprise of six parts and three appendices. Please read all parts carefully before making a response. In order to be fair to all proponents, phone calls or e-mails to privately discuss the applications before the submission are strongly discouraged. However, if you are seeking clarifications of the RFP, you can email ftang@culturelink.ca with your questions and we will post answer along with this posting on this page before the deadline. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Application GuIdelines


Question 1. Do you look for one person to do all the work or it can be several musicians that each works at different location on different date?

We are handling this as one contract, not several separated small contracts. We don't mind that several (up to three) musicians who tender a proposal together which covers all the deliverable we require in a coordinated and coherent manner. While we appreciate it may be hard for one individual to deliver all that is required, the consistency, coherence and quality of the services have to be guaranteed by the service provider(s).  

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