Nai Choir is looking for a new manager

Job Posting: CulutreLink Assistant Program Manager – Nai Children’s Choir

Full-Time, 35 hours/week Start Date: March 25, 2019  

Position Overview:

Reporting to the Executive Director and working closely with the Choir’s Advisory Committee, the Assistant Program Manager – Nai Children’s Choir is responsible for the overall organization and management of the Choir’s program, administrative, and financial requirements. The Assistant Manager leads a team of artistic and support staff and contractors to attain the goals of using choral arts to help refugee children and their families integrate, as well as engage and inspire the public. The ideal candidate will have experience in a managerial role in the children and youth sector. CultureLink works within an anti-oppression framework and is committed to equity.

Major Responsibilities:

a)                 Program and Services

·        Leads the design, planning and implementation of regular choral music and various other educational activities for about 240 refugee children per year;

·        Provides age and ability appropriate training to all choristers;

·        Ensures the smooth operation of all choir locations and across all choral levels;

·        Creates opportunities exposing choristers to different art forms broadening their artistic horizons;

·        Ensures leadership development and civic engagement activities are incorporated in the Choir’s programing;

·        Spearheads the delivery of programs that engage chorister families and support their integration processes, such as ESL classes and recreational programs for parents alongside the rehearsals and cultural celebrations;

·        Works with the team and external educators to host one-week March-break and two-week summer camps for the choristers;

·        Manages the negotiation and organization of tours, concerts, and other public performances;

·        Identifies gaps in services and resources and modifies program to meet changing needs and new challenges.

 b)                 Staff Supervision and Administrative Duties

·        Recruits and develops admin, settlement and artistic staff and contractors as per the needs of the program;

·        Supervises the Choir’s staff and contractors, delegates work with clearly defined roles, and holds the staff and contractors accountable for deliverables;   

·        Supports, mentors, and motivates team members to assure their competency and enthusiasm;

·        Guides team members to build on their credentials according to the Choir’s needs as part of their ongoing professional development;

·        Ensures adequate and appropriate allocation of human resources to all choir locations and activities;

·        Ensures the artistic team receives adequate support and supplies during rehearsals;

·        Engages external professional musicians, educators, and other service providers that help enrich the Choir’s rehearsals, arts camps, public performances and events;

·        Oversees effective data collection and documentation of the Choir’s activities and outcomes;

·        Generates periodic reports to the Executive Director, the Board of Directors, and various funders;

·        Ensures effective teamwork and fosters a culture of anti-oppression, anti-racism, and anti-discrimination.

 c)                 Advisory Committee

·        Assists in recruiting and orienting new Advisory Committee members. The volunteer advisory committee convenes parent and chorister representatives, music industry experts, refugee advocates, evaluators and researchers, fundraising and PR experts 8 times a year to advise on the Choir’s direction and strategic plan, and to help generate optimal resources and opportunities;

·        Assists the Committee Chair to set meeting agenda, distribute materials and organize the meetings;

·        Provides the Committee with other logistic and staff support as appropriate.

 d)                 Stakeholder Relations

·        Maintains constant and constructive communication with all stakeholders, including staff, choristers, parents, York University researchers (the choir’s research and evaluation partner), volunteers, contractors, funders, sponsor, donors, other CultureLink programs and community partners and supporters;

·        Illustrates social and community impacts of the Choir and informs key stakeholders and the public of the emerging challenges facing the Choir in an honest and timely manner;

·        Establishes proper channels of communication to encourage all stakeholders to make suggestions, give feedbacks and express concerns;

·        Creates leadership opportunities for choristers and parents within the choir so they can become partners and advocates;

·        Reaches out to the arts community for mentorship, artistic/education collaboration and partnerships;

·        Builds and steer partnerships and collaborations to meet the Choir’s needs and goals.

 e)                 Promotion, Publicity and Media Relations:

·        Develops and implements effective outreach strategies;

·        Ensures effective messaging and proper use of the Choir’s website and social media accounts to present a positive image of the Choir;

·        Seeks advice from supervisor when handing media inquiries and assists with drafting media advisories and press releases if needed;  

·        Discusses with supervisor performance requests and suggests optimal opportunities for public engagement and awareness.

 f)                  Funding and Resource Development

·        Leads the preparation of all relevant grant proposals;

·        Prudently meets all documentation and reporting requirement of existing funders;

·        Establishes and maintains effective relationship with funders;

·        Handles donor stewardship;

·        Actively seeks new funding opportunities from both private and public funders;

·        Assists supervisor tin negotiating new sponsorship terms with potential sponsors;

·        Designs and organizes appropriate fundraisers that can feature the Choir’s social impact and artistic progress;

·        Establishes and maintains a large pool of volunteers and supporters to assist with Choir’s regular rehearsals and enrichment activities and to act as advocates for the Choir families in the community;

·        Organizes annual volunteer and donor appreciation event.

 g)               Evaluation

·        Works with York University researchers to set evaluation goals and implementation plan;

·        Assists with data collection and other reasonable research requirements;

·        Ensures the goals of research and evaluation aligned with the Choir’s goals and CultureLink’s policy;

·        Ensures the research activities comply with ethic and confidentiality codes;

·        Conducts periodic internal evaluation of staff performance and service efficiency.

 h)               Financial Management:

·        Develops and administers the Choir’s budgets;

·        Guides the staff to deliver services on budget and on time;

·        Manages inventories, major music equipment and capital assets of the Choir;

·        Maintains quality, equity and transparent standards when purchasing external services or products;

·        Works closely with the Finance Department to guide staff members and external contractors to comply with CultureLink’s financial policy and procedures.

 i)                 Other Duties:

·        Must accommodate the Choir’s regular evening schedule and occasional performance schedules;

·        Unless otherwise arranged and approved, vacations can only be taken during the Choir breaks (Winter holiday season 3 weeks and Summer 7 weeks);

·        Any other duties assigned by the Executive Director.

 Qualifications, Experience & Skills:

  • Relevant post-secondary education or equivalent experience required;

  • A minimum of two years of management experience in the non-profit sector;

  • Sound knowledge and experience with refugee issues, arts-base empowerment programs and services/policies relating to the settlement & integration of refugees;

  • Experience delivering programs to children and youth;

  • Proven success in fundraising, grant applications and sponsor/donor stewardship;

  • Proven experience in managing staff, preferably in a unionized environment, budgets, competing priorities and divergent interests of stakeholders;

  • Strong leadership with a proven record of initiating and growing innovative nonprofit projects;

  • Strong skills in volunteer management and resource development;

  • Sound knowledge of art administration is preferred; 

  • Experience in managing a choir for disadvantaged children or youth a strong asset.


Competitive compensation package. Suitable applications will be considered on a rolling basis from the time of publication and until the position is filled. The deadline for applications is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 15, 2019. If you are interested in this position, please submit your cover letter and resume by email at, quoting reference number CLNU-2019-3. We thank all applicants for their interest in the position, however, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. For more information visit

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