Rainbow Song Foundation partners with Nai Choir to provide free lessons


Oct 11 2018 was not a ‘business as usual’ rehearsal day for Nai Choir families in the Etobicoke location. Of course learning to sing children songs in Arabic with Esmaeel and doing music games with Miguel have been a fun routine ever since we started our choir at Bloordale United Church five months ago, but today there was something else to look forward to.

Today, we had two special visitors, Lisa and David, from the Rainbow Song Foundation, who facilitated our first ever Rainbow Song session. We chose this location for the partnership pilot because we tend to have more younger kids here. At this location, our choristers are five to eight year old and there were always a few younger siblings waiting around. We didn’t have the capacity to tend to the needs of eight-year-olds and three-year-olds simultaneously. The very young ones often became restless half way though rehearsals and their parents had to remove them.

But today we only did 45 minutes of regular choral activities, then after a short break, we switched to Rainbow Songs for the latter part of our weekly session. Thanks to the highly engaging Rainbow Song activities and the dynamic teacher David, everyone had ginormous fun! All children, even the 3-year old, were fully engaged and cooperative. It was such an incredible learning experience because the ones who were learning enthusiastically didn’t realize they were made to learn! It was 100% pure fun.

We are very grateful that Rainbow Song Foundation will continue these very beneficial free lessons with Nai until the Christmas break. Now entering its tenth year, Rainbow Songs Foundation provides high-quality, interactive music programs free of cost to families with young children using shelter or refugee services in the Greater Toronto Area.  Rainbow Songs Foundation was started by the founders of Rainbow Songs, a well known and loved music school for preschoolers in Toronto.

Fei Tang