Volunteer as a Guest Artist 


If you love to teach children about the arts, and want to give back by helping refugee communities, Nai would be a great place for you to make a difference. We welcome artists from different genres to host workshops, be it for hip hop or for Arabic percussion. Come help Nai choristers and other refugee children to see what makes the Canadian arts and culture community exciting. Volunteer opportunities can often be accommodated to suit busy schedules.  

Contact Fei by email ftang@culturelink.ca if you are interested in this opportunity and would like to know more about how to contribute your expertise as a guest artist. 


ESL Tutor and Conversation Circle Facilitator 


We are always in need of ESL volunteer tutors so that we can create a one-on-one learning environment for our Nai parents to practice English conversation while their children are in rehearsals. The English conversation circles and small literacy classes take place at the same time as the rehearsals every Wednesday evenings at CultureLink. Read our volunteer tutor Monique's story to learn more about what this volunteer activity entails.

Email nabushaban@culturelink.ca if you'd like to help with our English Conversation Circles or Literacy Classes.

"Host" the Choristers' Moms


Nai works with the entire family of its choristers. Many Syrian refugees have large families, and many kids in our choir have younger siblings who are toddlers and babies. Mothers are often homebound to care for the young ones. To help these Syrian women break this isolation and learn English, we encourage them to come to the choir's English conversation circles and match them with "Host" volunteers in a "Women-to-Women" mentoring relationship. Women Hosts engage the moms, help them learn English, exchange parenting experiences with them, and help them adjust to their new life in Toronto.  Email nabushaban@culturelink.ca if you'd like to become a Host Volunteer.


Nai Volunteers

Monique Schwarz

Srinka Wallia 

Matthew Taylor

Naama Ofrath

Lisa Chinchamie

Claudia Burt

Dina Said

Grace Nelly

Beverley Jones

Christina Terry

Rana El Kadi

Salma B. Mahmud

Jheanelle Anderson

Lisa Fiorino

Hannah Burkhardt

Emily Coulston

Danny Pivnick

Nathan Hayhoe